Nature’s Way Schizandra Fruit, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)

Nature's Way Schizandra Fruit is one of China's crucial natural herbs. It is popular as both a restorative and also food. Schizandra is used for the therapy of various diseases, consisting of sleeplessness, irritation, palpitation and also dyspnea. Schizandra is likewise utilized a general tonic, for treatment of skin disorders and also as barbiturate.

30 day Healthy Weight Loss Challenge In this 30 day weight loss challenge you are going to drink shakeology weight loss shake once a day for 30 days.

The winner of this challenge will get a month supply of shakeology for free.

You are probably wondering what shakeology is.

Here are some of the benefits.
Nature has hidden treasures. I am not talking about treasures of silver and gold coins, or diamond but something even more powerful than that.

Health, Power, energy all in natures most amazing super foods.

Super foods as we call them are found in many places on earth and are sought out by many fitness and health businesses for there natural power.

People are so sold these days on pills and drugs to make them feel better but why take them when nature provides natural, healthy medicine that will give you a long term cure.

Now imagine going around the world with a big bag and collecting all of the best, most nutritious and most powerful super foods and throwing them in the bag to bring home with you. Imagine how long that would take and how costly it would be. It would probably cost thousands of dollars that would probably be worth it for the adventure but I am sure those super foods would go bad by the time you got them home.

Darren has traveled to some of the most exotic places on earth to search for the most amazing super foods to gather for Shakeology. He finds completely wild, completely untouched ingredients in nature to bring us the most powerful blend of natures most nutritious super foods into one shake.

Lets take a look at some of the super foods that are in shakeology and what they do to benefit our body to help us fight disease, have more energy, stamina, more sex drive and just feel great. A natural high that no drug could offer without major side effects.

Sacha Inchi- grows to about 8 feet. It produces crops again and again and has amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, calcium, magnesium. An amazing super food.

Maca Root- grows over 12,000 feet. Ancient Peruvian women would give this to there men before they went off to battle. It would give them endurance, stamina, and was a natural afrodisiac.

Cacao- Is a natural feel good, Has a natural anti depressant in it. Probably one of the most mineral packed foods on the planet.

Camu Camu- fruit that is the highest in vitamin C that is known to man
Lets take a look at the different super foods and separate them into different nutrient groups and see how they benefit the human body.

Protein &
Amino Acids
Ingrediants-Amaranth, Camu-Camu, Goji berry, Sacha Inchi,
sprouted quinoa, whey protein.
Benefits-These super foods help the body build lean muscle, heal wounds, improve skin
and hair. Support optimal brain function, mental clarity,
improved mood, and reduced cravings.

"Red Super Foods"
Ingredients-Açai berry, Acerola cherry, bilberry, Camu‑Camu,
Goji berry, grape seed extract, green tea, Maca
root, pomegranate.
Benefits-Help reduce oxidative damage in the body caused by free
radicals. Oxidative damage is a major cause for degenerative
(aging) conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure
(which can lead to stroke), dementia, and arthritis.

"Green Super
Ingredients-Barley grass, blue-green algae, Chia seeds,
Chlorella, flax, grape seed extract, Hydrilla,
spinach, Spirulina, sprouted quinoa, wheat grass
Benefits-Boost immunity, help fight diseases, can slow down the aging
process, detoxify the body, and have alkalizing properties.

Ingredients-Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Cordyceps, holy
basil leaf, Maca root, Reishi mushroom,
Schisandra, Suma root.
Benefits-Plant derived agents help to adapt the body or protect it from
stress. Adaptogenic herbs are unique from other substances
in their ability to balance endocrine hormones and the
immune system

Ingredients- Pea fiber, yacon root.
Benefits- These super foods promote better intestinal health. Stimulate growth of
friendly bacteria for better digestion.

Ingredients-Amylase, bromelain from pineapple, cellulose,
lactase, lipase, papain from papaya, protease.
Benefits-Help the body break down foods and increase absorption
of nutrients.

So all these amazing super foods are now available to you in one simple shake of a cup. Mix with water or milk and your set to go.

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