Amrita Aromatherapy: Deep Rest Roll-On Relief (Natural Sleep Aid) with Essential Oils of Red Mandarin, Lavender Extra, Sweet Marjoram and Mandarine Petitgrain in a Certified Organic Lotion Base – Roll On Applicator Style (Size: 30ml)

The ingredients of Amrita's Deep Sit are Red Mandarine, Jasmine Additional, Sweet Marjoram and also Mandarine Petitgrain Crucial Oils. The Red Mandarine as well as Mandarine Petitgrain in the blend are mood-enhancing as well as tension-relieving, as well as give the blend its pleasant citrus scent. Jasmine's popular soothing results can assist liquefy adverse ideas and concerns in an over active mind; lowering tension and aiding to stabilize the feelings, stopping sleeplessness and also enabling you to simply "let go" and sleep in harmony. Wonderful Marjoram is calming and also stress-relieving, as well as although it resembles Ylang Ylang (an aphrodisiac) in the sense that it is relaxing, it is thought about an aphrodisiac, indicating that it momentarily lessens the sex drive as it eases strain, permitting even more comfortable sleep. Because the oils in this harmony are incredibly stress-relieving, Deep Sit may additionally be utilized during the day as an ace in the hole versus times of extreme tension.