‘Very Exciting Time’ for Sleep Research as Studies Zero in on Performance, Health

The science of sleep, and how to get people to do it better, is getting attention from policymakers to investigates who are trying to understand how sleep significances action and health, reports VUMC Reporter.

Questions abound about how sleep can be used in personalized management, how it links to Alzheimer’s, and how to use techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy to help people sleep better, said Beth Malow, MD, MS, Burry Professor of Cognitive Childhood Development, prof of Neurology and Pediatrics and conductor, Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Division at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“Sleep is involved in so many aspects of health and quality of life these days. It’s a very exciting age because it’s spanning health care, the investigations and our policies. For sample, policy makers are becoming interested in areas linked to sleep such as clas start times because that can play a major role in teenage health and education — even driving safe, ” said Malow, who was named Tennessee’s Best Sleep Doctor by Reader’s Digest.

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