Trying to get help again. Need tips…

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I( 20 f) have had panic disorder and GAD since childhood. My mothers( the two most cordial and amazing humen ever) merely have this old school Asian concept of tension as something you only suck up and move on from. In college, I had panic attack more often and experienced severe insomnia sometimes only sleeping 1.5 -2 hours/ light which fucked up pretty much everything. Eventually it caught up to me one day in class when I get nauseous and went to the bathroom and my see proceeded pitch-black. Discontinued up in student health and they moved me to the ER because my vitals were abnormal.

Got started on some Citalopram and Xanax as a sleep assistance and for panic attacks. Citalopram performed me kinda foggy and unimportant but it acted. Xanax was fucking great for sleep and killed those panic attacks like nothing else but I couldn’t remember anything while I was on it. I detested the dull sentimentality and memory loss and the feeling of being is highly dependent on lozenges to be a functional being. Too felt guilty because I knew my parents don’t approve of prescription. without my psychiatrist knowing I tapered myself off and never refilled my dialogues.

now it’s back and taking over my life again. I know I was a complete idiot for studying I knew better than my psych so please don’t rub it in. I only want to get help again but I’m too embarrassed go home to my doc after basically blowing off his help last era. Any narrations or tips admired.

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