Time for Smartphone Detox – How to Stop Checking Your Phone Every Minute

Let me ask you a question- how many times have you looked at your phone today? You most likely don’t know, but you wouldn’t are just too proud of the numeral either if you are familiar with the truth. Even though we think we’re not addicted to our telephones, research pictures that we glance at their screens on average of 80 times per day, which amounts to formerly every 12 hours, or almost 30,000 meters per year.

Whether it’s fear of missing out, checking out Instagram tales or production emails, we use our phones the last thing we fall asleep and the first thing where reference is wake up- many of us checking our phones even during sleep.

Phone addiction is real, but it’s not unbeatable. Now are the reasons why checking your phone is harmful to your productivity and health and what you can do to stop glancing at your phone so many times during the day.

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Why is checking your telephone all that bad?

You likely know yourself that looking at your telephone screen all of the time isn’t such a great thought, and there’s a multitude of reasons. Let’s start with the most striking one- depending on when they were born, an average person will invest a amazing five years and four months of their life on social media. That numeral doesn’t account for other phone use, such as summons, messaging or design. Compare this with one year and a few months of our total lives spent on entertaining or one year and four months on workout- not a good outlook.

Time spent on social

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Second, clasping on to our telephones can bring a range of health problems, such as pressure, restlessness, look damage, cervix issues, hollow, sleep problems, anxiety and many, many others.

Finally, it’s been scientifically proven that cell phone use takes a major fee on productivity, especially on all the persons who depend on phones to get their jobs done. Most interestingly, same research shows that your phone doesn’t even have to be turned on to amuse you- it’s enough to be present in the same room.

Here are some of the proved ways to cut down on your phone time to become healthier, most productive and have more time to do the things you love.

Preserve your phone physically apart

As mentioned above, your phone is gonna be a hazard to your productivity , no matter if your notifications or the whole manoeuvre is switched off. If you don’t need your telephone for study or any urgent projects, keep it coming at the other outcome of the office, or in a separate apartment. Out of see, out of head, and you can go about your assignments without was concerned about interruptions.

Track your phone use

The first step to recollect just how much season you spend on your phone is to analyze your phone use through grassland numbers. You can do this through your phone’s operating system, which will give you the bare-bone information on how much duration and artillery was spent on each app on your phone.

For a most detailed remark, you can installing a app such as Moment, which enables you to discover the apps you’ve applied, how much time was spent on each, as well as how many times you’ve are caught up your telephone and glanced at it during the day.

Phone usage tracking

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By analyzing your phone use structures, you will be able to accomplish two things. First, you’ll find out “youre supposed to” expend a lot more epoch on the phone than you apprehended, and second, you’ll find behavior structures. If an app or process is taking too much era from your epoch without being productive, it’s time to decrease its use.

Do something else instead

It possibly seems very simple-minded, but this is one of the most efficient ways to hinder your cell phone use. Instead of eliminating the attire, just change it with something else. After all, the majority of eras we check our telephones is while we’re waiting for something: in the line at the accumulation, for our menu to arrive, the green light to turn on, a fit or a class to start.

Instead of browsing your Facebook timeline, do something else. Pick up a record to speak, grab the report you haven’t finished, start a conference with a friend or peer. That acces, you won’t plunge the attire but oust it with something else that they are able to replenish your epoch with more caliber day and productivity.

Turn off your push notifications

If you don’t want to completely turn off rackets and notifications for all your apps, you can do the next best thing. Push notifications are those that show up at the top of your screen no matter what you’re doing on your telephone at the moment. While they are undoubtedly helpful, “youre supposed to” don’t require a remember that somebody liked your elevator selfie on Instagram as you’re browsing your daily work email.

You can ascertain your push notifications within your phone’s penchants or within individual apps. You can turn off all push notifications or leave on simply the ones which you find most important.

Clean up your dwelling screen

Humans are souls of dres. In information, experiment include an indication that anywhere from 40 to 95% of our behavior is comprised of wonts, which means that for about a half of “peoples lives”, we’re running on autopilot, which includes our phone use. Fortunately, you can use such knowledge to your advantage.

Although a bit dated( from 2013 ), these case studies done by LG demo some daunting data.

Smartphone habits

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First, juggle your phone icons. If your digit is used to finding Snapchat in the same lower right corner each time, it will instinctively go there every time you unlock your phone. More importantly, shape your dwelling screen move blank. If your most frequently used apps are right there as the screen is unlocked, the apps are less than a second away and you’ll start them even if you don’t intend on using them. On the other mitt, if you lean the Twitter app on the third page of your apps, you’ll have to tap and move a few times to intentionally open it. While it may sound meaningless, over season it can significantly reduce your time spent on the phone.

Kick your telephone out of the bottom

As we’ve mentioned, numerous beings check their telephones even during their sleep- whether they’re awaken by a notification or not. Needless to say, this habit is anything but good, since it’s been scientifically proven that cell phone and tablet use in bed negatively affects the duration and caliber of sleep. In fact, the research has found that people who use telephones before berth knowingly went to sleep later, realizing they have just a few hours of shuteye ahead of them.

Checking phones before going to sleep

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Start by putting your phone away from the bunk and not working it right before you go to sleep. Turn your telephone on speechles and cause it bill a few feet down or in a different office. Since you’ll likely necessitated something to wake you up, get an actual alarm clock instead of using the app on your phone.


Although reducing the time spent with your phone may seem inconceivable, with a number of small changes to your everyday chore, you’ll be able to cut down on your phone use, increase your productivity, improve your state and have more time to do the things you really love.

Do you know how much season you spend on your phone every day? Have you discovered a method to cut down on your screen time? Do cause us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your input!

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