This New Horror Movie Will Make You Fear Your Own Thoughts

The Prodigy

For all the insomnia-inducing repugnance movies in the cannon, there are still few neighbourhoods quite as scary as the insides of our own thoughts. Riddled with distres, cluttered with bad psalm texts and inactive high school math documents, and overloaded with feelings luggage, our psyches are their own kind of thriller-drama. And that is precisely why The Prodigy, a fully stupefying new psychological repugnance cinema from Orion Pictures, will haunt you to your terribly core. It’s not about dominated VHS strips or ill, bloody-minded stuffed animals, but preferably, the wildernes, scaring things that go on in our own heads.

The film follows a young mother, giving full play to Taylor Schilling, as she probes the strange, spotty, rather vexing demeanor that seems to have gripped her deceivingly sweetened lad, Miles.

The plot narrates in a series of fazing mental slants, all of which started to blur the lines between the real and the imagined, the logical and the mysterious. And while Schilling’s character seizes with whatever patrol seems to have overtaken her lad, she faces another, more human quandary: Can you soften your instinctive, maternal desire to charity and protect your child, while duelling whatever sort of sinister violence seems to have taken up palace in their body? How do you know where one begins and the other aspirations?

Take a look at government officials trailer above, and ask yourself if you’re ready to tackle the full-fledged horror movie. At the very least, it’ll shape the inside of your own brain looks a lot like far better tranquil a place.

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