Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus Expands Its Sleep Center

During a ceremonial ribbon-cutting affair, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus celebrated the expansion of its sleep midst. Following a-year-and-a-half long process, research hospitals now boasts 9 sleep center beds, in addition to its existing sleep laboratory and team of experts in pediatric sleep maladies including polysomnographers, respiratory healers, registered nurses, and sleep physicians.

An accredited core are engaged in children’s sleep diseases, the Texas Children’s Sleep Center team evaluates the whole range of sleep living conditions in children under the age of common to the most complex. From narcolepsy, fus slumber, undue sleepiness, sleepwalking, seizures, and other numerous underlying medical and neurological issues that impact sleep, it’s widely documented that sleep diseases and conditions can adversely impact a child’s state and well-being, including school concert and behavior.


The hospital receives hundreds of referrals every week for children with complex medical involves who need sleep evaluations, many of whom were turned away from other clinics. The team ends, on average, 4,200 sleep studies each year, more there are as numerous as an additional 4,500 infants annual who are on a waitlist in need of a study. With this expansion, Texas Children’s strives to conduct more sleep studies for every child who needs one.

With sleep center abilities at all three Texas Children’s Hospital locations–in the Texas Medical Center, Katy, and The Woodlands–Texas Children’s Sleep Center is one of the most important pediatric centers in the country. With this stretch, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus is the hospital’s largest location.

Photo credit: Allen Kramer/ Texas Children’s Hospital

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