Sanofi Ventures leads $17M investment in Click Therapeutics, finalist @ 2017 Brainnovations Pitch Contest


Sanofi Backs Click Therapeutics as Digital Medicines Gain Momentum( Xconomy ):

” Drug manufacturers are offsetting more speculations on the nascent field of digital remedy. The most recent example: Click Therapeutics announced Monday that it grabbed a $17 million speculation is presided over by Sanofi Ventures, the Cambridge, M-Abased venture capital forearm of the French pharmaceutical giant.

New York-based Click Therapeutics develops portable apps are required to be specified by doctors to treat medical conditions, either on their own or in tandem with treats or other standard cares. The six-year-old firm is working on software that delivers cognitive and “neurobehavioral” utilizations, aimed at discussing recession, insomnia, acute coronary illnes, and chronic pain…Click Therapeutics already has a produce on the market. “Clickotine” is an app designed to help people quit smoking, although the produce doesn’t making such a medication land claims and didn’t involve FDA clearance to be marketed to the public, according to the report of the following statement e-mailed by a company spokesperson.

Last year, Click produced results of an initial single-arm clinical trouble of Clickotine in the JMIR mHealth and uHealth journal. During the eight-week survey, the 416 participates opened the app an average rate of 100 meters and prolonged utilizing it for an average of 5.3 weeks. At the end of the study, 45.2 percentage of conference participants reported they hadn’t smoked for at least seven days, and 26.2 percent of them said they hadn’t smoked for at least 30 days. The most common side effects were fatigue and feeling changes, according to the study .”

The Study:

Clickotine, A Personalized Smartphone App for Inhaling Cessation: Initial Evaluation( JMIR mHealth ). From the abstract 😛 TAGEND

Background: Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable extinction in the United States, and the annual financial loading be attributed to inhaling outstrips US $300 billion. Difficulties to smoking cease include limited access and adherence to successful discontinuation involvements. Technology can help overcome these obstacles; numerous smartphone apps have been developed to aid inhaling cease, but few that conform to the US clinical rehearse guideline( USCPG) have been rigorously measured and reported in the literature. Clickotine is a novel smartphone app for smoking discontinuation, designed to deliver the essential features of the USCPG and engineered to engage smokers by personalizing intervention ingredients. Objective: Our objective was to assess the commitment, efficacy, and safety of Clickotine in an initial, single-arm study. Outcomes standard were indicators of participation with the smartphone app( number of app opens, number of interactions with the Clickotine program, and weeks active with Clickotine ), cease the impact of 7- and 30 -day self-reported abstention from smoking, and negative health occurrences. Conclusions: In this initial single-arm visitation, Clickotine customers appeared to demonstrate encouraging benchmarks of engagement in terms of the number of app opens, number of program interactions, and persisted involvement over era. Clickotine consumers reported encouraging discontinue charges while reporting few adverse events. Future research is warranted to assess Clickotine’s efficacy in a randomized ascertained visitation.

The News in Context:

Pear Therapeutic causes $50 M to develop and market a portfolio of digital therapeutics for mental health 10 neurotechnologies about to convert psyche enhancement and brain health Five reasonableness the future of mentality enhancement is digital, pervasive and( hopefully) bright Heads-up: The 2018 SharpBrains Virtual Summit( December 4-6 th, 2018) will peculiarity over 40 of the world’s top professionals, inventors and investors aiming to improve brain health and act for all in light of thriving neuroscience and digital tech. Presentation by David Klein, CEO of Click Therapeutics, during the 2017 Brainnovations Pitch Contest: