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Editor’s Greenback: Such articles firstly appeared in the March 2017 publication of TTAC’s Heroes Against Cancer representative newsletter. The accessibility of the tests mentioned in this article may be limited based on your location and FDA approval.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which every year conveys sweeping expeditions from organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation encouraging women to practice prevention with the focus chiefly on going regular mammograms.

schedule mammogram

Many Breast Cancer Awareness expeditions encourage women to get regular mammograms

The focus on breast cancer this month is a wonderful opportunity for education in general, including knowing about the alternatives to mammograms for early detection.

In fact, the information collected is being sought after by more and more girls. Statistics from the National Institute of Health( NIH) reveal that closely connected to 40% of all adults in the U.S. exploit complementary and parallel prescription- and more than likely you’re one of them.

Now the time has come to add alternative and mutually reinforcing researching procedures to your cancer avoidance and healing toolbox.

The Scary Truth About Mammograms

Mammograms are the go-to mode of breast cancer detection that is promoted by the installed medical industry. The pick as to whether or not to get a mammogram is any person one.

In order to make an informed decision, nonetheless, it is important to know the coldnes, hard facts. And the most glaring detail is that within the last year and a half, major organizations like the American Cancer Society( ACS) have changed their carol about their mammogram researching recommendations.

As of October 2015, the ACS recommended for American females get experimented annually starting at 45 years of age( the information was 40 previously) and that wives aged 55 and older cut down to one assessment every two years. This change was prompted by a 2013 report issued by the U.S. Preventative Task Force which recommended delaying mammograms for healthy women in order “to reduce the harms of mammography screening by nearly half.”

The specifics of these damages have remained somewhat vague; the mainstream media has mainly focused on the high-pitched number of “false positives” that mammograms render. Definitely, approximately 20% of all initial breast cancer diagnoses wind up being “false positives, ” which often have contributed to excessive biopsies and even rounds of chemo and radiation- not to mention a lot of excessive feelings stress.

There is more to the dangers of mammograms than what is regularly being discussed, nonetheless. Mammograms expose very sensitive tissue to low-level radiation which accrues in the body with each visit.

In fact, according to a 2006 analyse carry out the University Hospital in Birmingham, U.K ., “Recent radiobiological subjects have stipulated fascinating evidence that the low-toned vigour X-rays as used in mammography are nearly four times- but perhaps as much as six times- more efficient in stimulating mutational damage than higher vitality X-rays.” In addition, the extreme manipulation of the heart tissue that typically happens during a mammogram may in fact lawsuit tumors to spread.

Perhaps the most alarming actuality about mammograms is that in reality they do not detect breast cancer any more than a regular self-exam can.

In fact, in the most comprehensive and broad consider on mammograms to date, researchers from the University of Toronto monitored 90,000 wives over the course of 25 times. The survey, which was published by the British Medical Journal in 2014 found that mortality rates from breast cancer( and from all other causes) was the same both for women who got mammograms and those who did not. It likewise discovered that one in five cancers “discovered” through mammograms was in reality not a state menace.

“It will stir maidens painful, and there is a requirement to disagreeable, ” Dr. Russell P. Harris, a professor of drug at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill who specializes in screenings, told the New York Times at the time, in reference to the study’s conclusions. “The decision to have a mammogram should not be a slam dunk.”

No modality is going to be 100% accurate when it is necessary to spotting breast cancer. Nonetheless, there is currently engineering out there now which can now safely and effectively detect these cancers, sometimes times before a clod or bump appears.

7 Research for Breast Cancer Your Doctor May Not Even Know About #1- Thermography

If you’re looking for a non-invasive and safe diagnostic implement as an alternative or a augment to mammograms, then get a thermography screening may be the privilege alternative for you. Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging( DITI ), spies the regions of heat in the body which can point to areas where inflammation may be occurring.

Because of this, thermography may be able to detect physiological breast cancers even when they are just the size of a pinhead.

In fact, a 2008 subject published in The American Journal of Surgery found that heart thermography in particular has a 97% “sensitivity rating” for detecting malignancies, sometimes years before a conspicuous tumor has been formed.

Thermography can be especially effective for women who have been diagnosed as having “Dense Breast Syndrome, ” where mammary material is denser and more fibrous than ordinary. While thermography are protected by health insurance in many countries outside the U.S ., it has already been to be covered by most American providers.

More and more alternative health clinics are offering the service at affordable prices, nonetheless, including integrative health centers, Ayurvedic middles, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.

To find a certified thermography technician in your domain, I recommend contacting the American College of Clinical Thermography.

# 2- ONCOblot( r) Test[ Editor’s Note: Delight had pointed out that the ONCOblot( r) experiment is not accepting new assessments at this time. If you would like to be updated on the fact that there are the test, you can provide your contact info here .]

Did you know that there are specific substances that cancer cadres excrete the hell is unique exclusively to them? Available since 2013 through their CLIA and CAP certified laboratory next to the Purdue University campus, the ONCOblot blood test is based on 20 years of research by Purdue biochemists and nutritionists Dr. Dorothy Morre and the late Dr. James Morre.

blood sample

ONCOblot is an extremely sensitive blood evaluation that can be used to see over 27 different types of cancer

ONCOblot checks for a universal cancer marker announced ENOX2, which is a swelling protein that appears on the surface area of malignant cancer cells before being released into the bloodstream. Once the ENOX2 protein is found in sufficient numbers, it can then be used to identify over 27 types of cancer.

ONCOblot is an extremely sensitive assessment which has a 99% accuracy charge for seeing highly small-minded tumors( about two million cancer cadres ). Its accuracy charge in determining the “site of origin” of cancer cells is 96%.

I have supported hundreds of women on a preventive or regenerating travel and have personally seen the Oncoblot test to be one of the best in determining if cancer cadres are present in the body. This assessment is often used in place of biopsy for women who do not wish to have that invasive and potentially cancer-spreading procedure done to them.

It can also be used as a complementary testing tool along with traditional etiquettes. Most conventional physicians do not exploit Oncoblot, but some integrative medical practitioner may. The Morres have applied for FDA approval for Oncoblot as well as coverage through the American Medicare program and U.S.-based insurance companies. Call the Oncoblot website to learn more and to find a provider.

#3- The Greece Test( aka The Greek Test)

The “Greece” Test is specified after the Greek researcher who started the test- medical geneticist Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou- who likewise launched the Research Genetic Cancer Center( RGCC) that originally acted the test.

Scientist looking through a microscope

With the Greece test, a patient’s cancer cadres are learnt to determine which cancer treatments will work best for that individual

There are currently seven laboratories across the globe that process Greece tests and busines patients worldwide. The purpose of the Greece Test is two-fold- to check for significant numbers of “circulating tumor cells”( CTCs) as well as cancer stem cells( CSCs ), which can determine the aggressiveness of the cancer. Once these cadres are discovered, scientists in the laboratory can then resolve which special management etiquettes work best for that individual.

What originates Greece a one-of-a-kind measuring device is that it measures the effectiveness of 50 different natural rehabilitations as well as 49 different chemotherapy treats for a person’s special cancer statu. Cancer cells and stem cells are firstly isolated from the patient’s blood and are grown in a petri food. They are then dosed with the various types pharmaceutical and natural substances. After 2 day, each petri bowl assay is measured for effectiveness based on cancer and root cell die-off rates.

This is a highly personalized room of approaching the cancer journeying which is quite different than the “cookie cutter chemo” model used by most oncologists. For breast cancer, the Greece test are also welcome to influence multi-drug resistance and protein coating resist of the cancer cells as well as specific genetic markers. In other messages, the Greece test offers you a unusually targeted approach to your mending journey.

Examples of natural substances that Greece tests enclose include enzyme care, vitamin D3, vitamin C, quercetin, Haelan( fermented soy liquor ), Laetrile( vitamin B17 ), artemisinin( wormwood extract ), Sanguinaria( blood beginning or blood wort ), Agaricus mushrooms, resveratrol, and many others.

The Greece Test can also be used to determine if cancer cadres are sensitive to hyperthermia( heat ). This is very beneficial since daily abuse of far-infrared saunas or the use of a “bio mat” can help increase core body temperature and increase the numbers of natural assassin cadres. Natural killer cadres are specialized immune cadres that are able recognize and cover to sure-fire tumor cells and virus-infected cells and kill them.

Admittedly, the Greece test is not accepted by more traditional oncologists as a legitimate diagnostic invention, so the costs of testing and management are out-of pocket. For countless patients who wish to streamline their healing process and use substances they know their body will respond to, it is a price they are willing to pay.

Dr. Papsotirou puts it in view: “We are at a crossroads and we need to take a different way to approaching cancer patients.”

With the Greece test, a patient’s cancer cadres are analyzed to determine which cancer treatments will work best for that individual.

#4- Cancer Profile

Unlike the ONCOblot and Greece tests, a normal Cancer Profile is not considered a “cancer diagnostic” tool since many of the mechanisms and essences it will test, such as inflammatory markers, are not specific to cancer. The results of this comprehensive assessment may give you a very solid manifestation if cancer is changing your state, however.

Most cancer charts will test for the PHI( Phosphohexose Isomerase) enzyme and variants of the HCG( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone, which are unique to cancer cells.

PHI activity is a sign that anaerobic act are present in information systems. Cancer cadres thrive in an anaerobic environ. The PHI enzyme is also the main cause of cancer cell migration to other parts of the the body as it paths cancer cells into a state of fermentation.

The HCG hormone is a tumor marker that will be elevated in about 80% of all malignancies.

Other substances that may be tested in a ordinary cancer sketch include 😛 TAGEND

Carcinoembryonic antigen( CEA ), a cancer antigen Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase( GGTP ), an enzyme that monitors liver and bile gathering Thyroid-stimulating hormone( TSH ), is attributable to thyroid gathering Dehydroepiandrosterone( DHEA ), an adrenal element often called the “anti-stress, pro-immunity, longevity” hormone C-Reactive Protein( CRP ), a potent inflammatory marker Insulin-like Growth Factor 1( IGF-1 ), an overexpression of which could be an indication of cancer malignancy

# 5- Genomic( DNA) Researching

Like the Cancer Profile, genomic testing machines are not “diagnostic.” They cannot diagnose cancer per se, but they can determine what your genetic flaws are on many levels, which may be an indication of cancer risk.

Genomic testing is a good course of action for health individuals who wish to prevent breast cancer as well as those who are on a breast cancer soothing excursion. The feels can help you and your state provider accommodate a lifestyle, supplementation, and dietary government that will work for you.

New observes in the field of epigenetics are discovering just how much environmental purposes, internal and external, can affect our genetics. In some disputes, these factors can actually affect the blueprint of our DNA. But for most people, environmental parts( whether we feed a standard American diet or a healthy one, for example) change even more how this blueprint is expressed.

There are objections to the rule, but for the most area a person’s genetic blueprint does not change much over the course of their lifetime. Some the key components of a quality, full-spectrum genomic test may include inflammatory markers, lipids metabolism, essential vitamin and mineral assimilation, methylation, oxidative stress, stress responses, sleep responses, liver detoxification pathways, and caffeine digestion, among others.

#6- New Engineering for Breast Cancer Prevention

It is always evoking when a new modality comes to the market that may be able to provide maids more options for safe, effective breast cancer identification. One modality that depicts promise is the SureTouch Breast Self-Exam testing device.

Woman in doctor's office smiling

Work with a trusted healthcare practitioner to determine if new testing programmes are right for you. Nonetheless, you are able to need to search for medical practitioners very well known the latest tools

SureTouch is a radiation-free clinical tit examination tool developed under Harvard scientists that uses “proprietary tactile sensor technology” and a cloud-based networking arrangement to make a digital face map of the tit, where irregularities may be discerned. SureTouch is FD-Acleared for heart face mapping and to serve as an abet during a clinical heart exam.

Another new technology is the Breast Cytological Evaluation Test( or Breast “PAP” test) which has the capacity required to spot abnormal cells “years before a greater, potentially cancerous lesion might develop.” The exam is designed and produced by a company announced Halo and the device is FD-Acleared for the “collection of nipple aspirate liquid for cytological evaluation.”

According to the Halo website, “over twenty years of technical literature patronage data that shows the presence of atypical cadres from nipple aspirate fluid grows a woman’s period probability of developing breast cancer.”

Since these technologies are newly, it is important to ask a trusted healthcare provider about them first to determine if they are right for you and if your provider has access to them.

8 “Red Flag” Health Tests Every Woman Should Consider

While the tests above can help you determine what is happening with actual cancer cells in your mas and your specific cancer probabilities, the performance of the the tests below can provide basic informed about your hormonal and immune plan state, which may be able to provide important evidences about your breast cancer peril overall.

#1- Research to Regulate Your “Estrogen Quotient”( EQ)

The concept of the “Estrogen Quotient” was developed by Dr. Henry Lemon, who studied the estrogen substance estriol as it pertains to breast cancer threat. The EQ test itself looks at the relationship between the three different types of estrogen: estriol, estrone, and highly-aggressive estradiol( which toxic xenoestrogens have the ability to simulated ).

A comprehensive EQ test is excellent analysed in saliva testing. Some of the other essences that are tested in a saliva test include progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol grades. This measure is particularly helpful for those who are considering hormone substitution or those who have reproductive concerns, such as fibroid tumors or menstrual cycle oddities. These are ailments which often originate during a woman’s peri-menopause and menopausal times. The EQ test is vital for those who want to take a remedy and active role in their breast health.

#2- Estrogen Methylation Testing

Another key component to reproductive and hormonal health is a process announced methylation. Methylation is a normal process that induces proteins and hormones to “change” from one essence to another( from serotonin to melatonin, for example ).

Proper methylation is essential for remedy genetic expres as well as for detoxification of the liver. Estrogen methylation in particular is an important step towards the metabolism of the female hormone estrogen. Cancer cells have shown to have improper methylation overall and this is a HUGE piece of the puzzle that most traditional physicians often miss! If a woman is not properly methylating( or “breaking down”) estrogen in their own bodies, then vigorous estrogens re-circulate and this can increase the dangers of breast cancer.

#3- Vitamin D Test

Did you know that most Americans are deficient in vitamin D? There are many reasons for this, including sedentary, indoor life-styles, and bad eating garbs. The connection between vitamin D flaw and breast cancer has been confirmed many times over by scientific research and is acknowledged by the U.S. National Institutes of Health( NIH ).

vitamin d deficiency text write on prescription

Researchers have proven many times over the link between vitamin D scarcity and breast cancer

The majority of woman I coach “whos been” diagnosed with breast cancer have a severe vitamin D inadequacy. The measure to get your stages checked is easy and can be done through most health care providers or on your own through an independent lab.

#4- Iodine-Bromide-Fluoride Test

Iodine is another substance that is vital for not only breast state but also reproductive, hormonal, and peculiarly thyroid state. And, like vitamin D, most individuals in the U.S. are deficient.

Why? Again, there are several factors, but a big one is environmental. Fluoride, which numerous local and regional spray territories began putting into public water systems in the 1960 s to help “prevent tooth decay, ” can block the assimilation of iodine in the body, as can bromide.

Do yourself a indulgence and, at the very least, get your iodine heights checked today. This is especially important if you have thyroid issues.

#5- Complete Thyroid Test

A complete thyroid hormone analysis, which will check levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone( TSH) as well as T2, T3, and T4 hormones, is recommended specially if your iodine degrees are low or if you are experiencing the evidences of either hypo- or hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism has become a widespread case in the U.S. because of iodine depletion, stress, and other factors. Hypothyroidism is a precursor to breast cancer and a whole host of other disease conditions.

#6- Sleep Panel

A thorough Sleep Panel is important to consider if you are having sleep problems such as insomnia, agitated sleep, hardship falling asleep, or are really sorrow extra tired, or “wired and tired” throughout the day.

The correlation between sleep aberrations and breast cancer is clear. A 2014 subject published in the medical gazette Breast found that sleep confusions were noticeably high in women with breast cancer. Besides melatonin( a vital hormone that can literally “put cancer cadres to sleep” ), a Sleep Panel will look at other neurotransmitters including serotonin, GABA, dopamine , norepinephrine, epinephrine, and glutamate.

#7- Heavy Metal Testing

If you were to ask me who I think should get experimented for heavy metal, I would say everyone! We live in a noxious world. No difficulty how healthfully we try to live our lives, heavy metal are going to unavoidably change us in some way without suitable detoxification practises to get rid of them.

You may extremely be at risk for heavy metal toxicity which can lead to breast cancer if you currently have or used to have amalgam completes in your lip. Detoxing from heavy metals is simply a part of a health breast and healthy body etiquette and getting measured for specific essences and their levels can help you target necessary detox efforts.

#8- Experiments for Gut Health

More and more, we are discovering the connection between nerve health and immune arrangement role. This procreates perfect feel since 80% of your immune system cells reside in your nerve!

Conditions such as leaky gut and testy bowel illnes( IBS) can be indicators of bad bacterial overgrowth and toxicity in the digestive structure which can lead to autoimmune sicknes, allergies, oxidative stress, rash, and cancer. One experiment that can help you determine the “state of your gut” is a parasite stool analysis. Other most comprehensive assessments will be evaluated by the amount and character of the major botanies in your gut in addition to parasites. A research such as this is recommended for anyone with a biography of leaky nerve, Crohn’s disease, IBS, diverticulitis, or other gut-related healths as well as those with autoimmune preconditions and allergies.

Why Isn’t My Doctor Telling Me About These Experiments?

You may be asking yourself this issue right now, and rightly so! It would be easy to get into a tedious communication about the maladies of the billion-dollar cancer industry that is designed to promote the “status quo” at the expense of patient advocacy and disease prevention.

Medical students and professor using laptop at the university

Many doctors( both brand-new and experienced) are simply not instructed about targeted testing for cancer healing and prevention

On a more “individuals “, it’s likely simply that most doctors don’t just knowing that these measures exist because they haven’t been acquainted about them. A 2006 examination of medical academies done by the University of North Carolina School of Nutrition found that out of the 106 schools they studied, merely 32 compelled their students to take a direction in nutrition.

If awareness about the importance of such a basic event as meat is lacking in most physicians today, you can be sure that most are fully naive when it comes to targeted and peripheral measuring aimed at cancer healing and prevention.

Many physicians( both brand-new and experienced) are simply not acquainted about targeted testing for cancer healing and avoidance At the least, your MD or oncologist should be open to the information “youre supposed to” share with them as well as your is asking for one or more of the tests mentioned above( even if they are not able to perform them ). If he or she is not, then it may be a good feeling to learn a doctor who is.

Always Work With a Qualified Health Practitioner to Construe Your Test Results

So what in the world do you do with all the data you increase after all of those evaluations?

First of all, don’t leave it up to yourself alone to construe them. From the very beginning of your salving excursion, reach out and made directly with a well-qualified and open-minded integrative MD, chiropractor, registered nurse( RN ), or other naturopathic health professional.

They will be able to guide you as to the right measures for you( which will save you money) as well as know how to translate them. Most of all, they’ll be able to take the performance of the those tests and turn them into a peculiar healing etiquette that will be just right and specifically tailored for you and your individual healing journey.

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