Melatonin Supplements Marketer Launches Health Care Practitioners Portal

Persona, which business melatonin and other augments, acquaints Vitamin Packs Pro powered by Persona, a doctor entrance that hands health care practitioners a dedicated nutritional assessment and dietary augment analysis for their patients. Vitamin Packs Pro is designed to support a patient’s holistic state by establishing physicians a way to cross-reference more than 650 drug remedies to avoid risky drug-nutrient interactions. The new portal debuted at the Cleveland Clinic 16 th annual Dr. Michael Roizen’s Preventative and Integrative Medicine Longevity Conference.

” We’ve heard from our medical advisory board and physicians who specialize in integrative drug that they are looking for ways to provide a more holistic event for their patients. We’ve listened, and are now extraditing ,” says Jason Brown, founder and CEO of Persona, in a secrete.” We are evoked to draw a personalized vitamin and add-on program to physician’s fingertips and into patient’s overall wellness regimen .”

Through its new portal, Persona gives medical professionals a tool to create or assess vitamin and add-on to recommend their patients. Vitamin Packs Pro integrates vitamin and supplement governments for family physicians and individual patients. Practitioners log into a personalized dashboard to leader patients through Persona’s supported nutritional analysi or input custom-built vitamin and complement recommendations through the Prescription Pad app. Both modes retain Persona’s peculiar drug-nutrient interaction identification.

Developed in collaboration with Michael Roizen, MD, prime wellness polouse at the Cleveland Clinic and chair of Persona medical advisory board, Persona’s algorithm exercises inputs about life-style and nutrition garbs while examining more than 650 possible remedy interactions to recommend supplements.

” We are pleased to have Persona demonstrate its capabilities of Vitamin Packs Pro with medical professionals attending this year’s Cleveland Clinic Preventive and Integrative Medicine Longevity Conference ,” says Roizen, program chairman of this Cleveland Clinic route and prime wellness detective at the Cleveland Clinic.” As you know from my writings and role as chair of the Medical Advisory Board of Persona, I believe it is important to consider vitamins and adds-on as a part of a person’s comprehensive wellness schedule. I am impressed by the calmnes in which the portal countenances practitioners to review or input recommendations. That is groundbreaking for me, but the visitors to the exhibit will see it and hopefully decide for themselves .”

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