Emergency situation: Rapid bone loss induced by corticosteroids, can anyone tell me what happened to my teeth and jaw?

I is like I’m stuck in a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. To stop problems short-lived, only a few weeks ago I was prescribed corticosteroids along with an insertion for another unrelated medical publication. My torso suffered a serious reaction to the treat and apparently I fall into the 0.5% of people who are hypersensitive to corticosteroids. One of the many side effects I’ve been knowledge is bone loss. It came unexpectedly and quickly, at this place I’ve developed sting in my knees, back, wrists etc.

The worst however is what has happened to my face and extremely my jaw. One year ago I lost from upper incisor tooth which was too late to save, so the dentist shaved off the seed and lodged it back in my cavity with wire and dental plaster on the adjacent teeth. I was due for an implant soon until this happened. A few daytimes after the corticosteroids I started suffering extreme ache in my front upper gums. Before long the replacement tooth was instructing into my gums, whereas before there was a loose opening between them, so I had to get onto removed asap. What seems to have happened is that all my front upper teeth have moved upwards from the consequences of the corticosteroid-induced bone loss, which voices breathtaking but I’m 100% sure this is what happened. It’s difficult to speak because my front upper teeth are sat higher in my mouth behind my upper cheeks. The gum line moved up with the unscathed teeth, so it’s not as if my teeth are now shorter. The gum above the missing tooth however stayed in the same residence, but in the x-ray you can see that the bone there moved uphills as well. I’m just trying to get a sense of what the fuck is happened. Which bone would I have lost for this to happen? Alveolar bone? Did the teeth actually get shorter from the top? Did I lose bone in my midface which pulled my teeth upwards, therefore it’s unrelated to my teeth and alveolar bones?

My face too searches different, like my attentions are more settle in my face and hollow necks, all manifestations of osteoporosis. I’m appending some paintings to give you an idea of what is happening. The x-rays are one month apart, the second largest one was taken soon after the bone loss and extreme grief in my gums started. The other pictures of my cavity are taken 14 daytimes apart, you can see the massive changes taking place. My bite feels different and mouth disease feels smaller now. My general practitioner certainly hasn’t faced these types of problem before and says it must be in my manager, while a dentist who I verified for the first time ignored my subjects of concern and tried to sell me some vitamins. This is truly a creepy place which continues to be developing, and I hope someone here can tell me what the hell happens with my teeth and bones.

July x-ray( before any of this happened)

https :// i.imgur.com/ VzMJk4S. jpg

August x-ray( this was made right before I had to get the temporary tooth removed because it was being pulled upwards into my gum causing bleed, as well as exerting extreme pulling distres on the circumventing teeth to which it was attached with wire)

https :// i.imgur.com/ Zs1Gj7S. jpg

The next paints picture the altered in my pierce. It feels as if my entire cheek/ mouth get smaller. Too the front upper teeth have emphatically moved upwards. Notice how much further up they are in relation to my cheeks and the gum point of the missing tooth.

Before( when ache first started)

https :// i.imgur.com/ KcSIFnZ.jpg

14 days later

https :// i.imgur.com/ Xif1Zda. jpg

Apart from the teeth and bone issues, the other side effects I’ve knew are very innumerable more tally. I’ll try to directory a few: shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, extreme unquenchable longing, muscle loss, weight loss( 20 pounds in the first week ), involuntary urination, unwarranted sweating, light-headedness( hurdle thoughts and speaking clearly on occasion ), skin which oozes readily and takes a long time to mend, loss of libido, insomnia etc.

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