Chronic Mouth Ulcers

I’m a 37 year old-fashioned girl, vegetarian and in a monogamous tie-in for 20 years with no children. I am on Depo and amitriptyline for endometriosis, Adderall for ADHD, Sonata as needed for insomnia and Ativan for anxiety and IBS. Aside from Adderall( started November 2017) I have been on all these prescriptions for over a decade with no issues.

Last year in February I developed about 4-5 canker sore on my soft palate. They were very painful and I couldn’t devour. I also developed swollen-headed glands in my armpits bilaterally that were about the dimensions of the marbles. No deliriums. I went to my dentist who told me I had aphthous stomatitis and gave me a steroid glue to put on them. The glue did facilitate heal them. Two days later I developed Shingles on my chest and back( tiny patches and no grief ). My PCP framed me on Valtrex and everything salved within a months time. The mouth sores fully went away.

At the beginning of June of this year I developed the mouth sores again but “theyre not” painful. I went to my PCP because I felt my shingles was recurring. My armpits ache but my glands are not swollen-headed. I was put on Valtrex for 10 periods and the sores and other indications is away only to come back two weeks ago. I was referred to an ENT who did absolutely nothing and time told me to see an communicable diseases consultant so that appointment is in late September. My PCP gave me another round of Valtrex and again it cured for 2 week and that was it. She is sending me for blood work to rule out autoimmune agitations along with vitamin deficiciencies and “ve told me” make an appointment with my dentist as well.

They disappear and reappear in random decorations on my soft palate. One sore will appear for a date, disappear and another will constitute somewhere else. Sloughing is also present on my uvula and over some abscess. Again I don’t have any ache but it feels like my mouth has a gross movie in it. Now is an book from July 3rd through the 15 th.

https :// a/ fXXLBjk/ mouthsores

I figured I would see if this subreddit had any thoughts while I wait for my tests and appointments.

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