Breathwork In Hypnosis: Discover The Little-Known Science Behind “Overbreathing” & Why It Increases Stress, Anxiety & Aging (Part 2)

Did you know that breathing too much can cause stress, panic attack, insomnia and even mar your DNA?

In Part 2 of our line on breathwork in hypnosis, Master Hypnotists Igor Ledochowski and Jonny Dupre are back to discuss the groundbreaking discipline behind breathing and how it can adversely affect your figure.

Listen to this instructing discipline now to discover:

The importance of hyperoxidation, hypoxia, hypercapnia and hypocapnia Symptoms of oxidative stress and why breathing too much has harmful effects on your person( including panic attacks) How stress is contributing to over-breathing and the long-term consequences thereof oxidative stress on your person How to slow down aging through a process called mitohormesis

As a hypnotist, you’ll once have an expressed appreciation for how important the sigh is during hypnosis( especially during hypnotic reverie)- so you won’t want to miss this training to hear Igor breakdown this fascinating( and little-known) research.

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