Anxiety VS Depression (What’s The Difference?)

Suffering from feeling and hollow is like being tired and intimidated at the same day!

It’s wanting to see your friends but scared of the light socializing.

It’s wanting to be alone but loathe being lonely.

Anxiety and feeling is also available mystifying, peculiarly if you suffer from both simultaneously.

The definition of nervousnes is

“A sensibility of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an doubtful outcome”

The definition of feeling is

“Depression negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how “youre acting”.

Depression begins concerns of sadness and/ or a loss of interest in pleasures formerly enjoyed”

Anxiety evidences are:

1. A impression of impending jeopardy, panic or doom
2. An unreal thought of problems
3. Excessive, ongoing concern and tensionA gumption of impending peril, panic or doom
4. Anger/ irritability
5. Restlessness/ fatigue
6. Unexplained aches and pain
7. Sweating
8. Difficulty concentrating
9. Memory Problems
10. Trouble paying attention
11. Nausea
12. The need to go to the bathroom frequently
13. Insomnia
14. Trembling
15. Being easily startled

Hollow indications are:

1. Hopelessness and worthlessness
2. Loss of interest
3. Appetite changes
4. Weight fluctuations
5. Insomnia/ hypersomnia
6. Anger/ irritability
7. Fatigue/ restlessness
8. Memory problems
9. Difficulty concentrating
10. Trouble paying attention
11. Self-loathing
12. Reckless behavior
13. Unexplained aches and pain
14. Suicidal reviews/ attempts
15. Self-harming

The common indications of Anxiety and Depression are:

1. Insomnia
2. Fatigue/ restlessness
3. Anger/ Irritability
4. Difficulty concentrating
5. Memory problems
6. Unexplained aches and pain
7. Trouble paying attention

Around half of people with generalised distres ill will also have dip.

Most of the time suspicion is based on are concerned about the future

Most of the time sadnes is being harrowing/ down in the present working

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