10 Signs You’re Having A Mental Breakdown

A month ago I made a video announced’ what is a mental breakdown’

So before we get into 10 signalings you’re having a mental breakdown let’s take a look at what actually is a mental breakdown.

Indicated 1 – you withdraw yourself from your family, friends or co-workers, you avoid social contact and you forestall socialising, you may even call in sick to labor, school or college, you are not able to even show up at all! You isolate yourself at home

Indicated 2 – you have depressive indications such as suicidal thinkings, self impairment and feel pointless

Ratified 3 – you have anxiety with blood pressure, tense muscles, dizziness, clammy hands, upset stomach, and shuddering or shaking

Sign 4 – you have extreme depression changes and unexplained out erupts, one minute you might be happy and on top of the world, the next minute you’re historically screaming for no reason at all

Ratified 5 – you have insomnia, you can’t sleep, you can’t fall asleep, you’re restless

Sign 6 – hallucinations, you may see something that isn’t there, reek something that doesn’t exist, hear interferences that nobody else hears, experience or feel something that isn’t actually there

Sign 7 – you are paranoid – you think beings might be watching you when they are not, you may think parties are stalking or following you, you are generally obsessive about everything

Indicated 8 – you get flashbacks of a traumatic meter or episode that has happened in your life

Indicated 9 – you’re having bad panic attacks which include chest pain, feeling to depart from world, have irresistible suspicion and have difficult breathing

Indicated 10 – you are extremely stressed or have gone through a stressful suffer such as a divorce, losing your job, loosing a loved one, anything that is too stressful for you to deal with


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